Leaden Skies
a theatre piece for our times
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“Never say that there is only death for you,

Though leaden skies may be concealing ones of blue.
Behold, the hour we have hungered for is near.

Beneath our tread the earth shall tremble. We are here!”

This song was composed under the leaden skies of the Holocaust. It was a time when the vibrant spirit of life continued in the face of suffering and death. There was song and there was humor. There were intrigues and struggles. In other words, the concentration camps had every aspect of life on the “outside” and they also had the distortions, contradictions, and behaviors that were needed to survive the unsurviveable.

Leaden Skies

is a theatrical work that explores life in a camp, but it is not a morbid tragedy. Instead, it takes on the appearance of a folk tale. The humor and the schemes, the conspiracies and the pranks are all part of the story. The story has echoes of ancient chassidic parables and yarns, as well as stylistic reflections of the theatre of Bertolt Brecht.
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